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Personal Information Protection Policy

Privacy Policy

The Takakita Co., Ltd. complies with the Act Concerning Protection of Personal Information (Japan), takes proper care of the personal information of customers, and works to protect personal information based upon the following policy in order to prevent the leakage or misuse of such information.
But,this policy is not targeting any "personal number" and "specific personal information" based on th law on the use of such number to identify a specific individual in administrative procedures.

  • The personal information of customers is used in the development and improvement of our products, as well as used to enable us to provide customers with the latest information and services. In addition, if customers do not wish to provide our company with information, in accordance with their decision they can refuse to provide such information.
  • The personal information of customers is disposed of and managed by specific employees of our company who are in charge of such information. The disposal or management of such information is not entrusted to another company. In the future, if another company is so entrusted, it shall be based upon an agreement that requires personal information protection.
  • The personal information of customers will not be disclosed to or provided to third parties without customer authorization.
  • As to personal information of customers, if a customer wishes to confirm or amend their own personal information they may contact our company, and we will respond appropriately.
  • The contents of this policy are continuously reviewed, and we will work to improve it.
  • If you have any opinions or questions regarding to the handling of personal information, please contact us using the email address shown below.

Personal Information Inquiries: please email us at: kikaku@takakita-net.co.jp

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Personal Information Protection Policy
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