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Powerful Cutting Round Baler

Full automatic mode apply!
Bale size Φ90cm
Net packing specification new appearance!

Powerful Cutting Round Baler




  • From the winding of the net(twine),it will perform a series of operations to the chamber opening and closing fully automatically.
  • In the bottom plate down mechanism,easy to work return from the grass clogging.
  • Maintenance is easy,gull-wing-type cover.
  • Pickup device is 170cm and wide. And gauge wheel is also standard equipment.



Fully automatic,automatic-manual mode is selected
Gull-wing-typw cover
Bottom plate down mechanism


Models Bale size
(Dia x W cm)
Dimensions (mm) Weight
(kW {PS})
Operation width
Binding method Cutting
Overall length Overall width Overall height
RB-980T φ90.0 x 85.0 3260 2150 1970 1293 22.1 - 36.8
{30 - 50}
170 twine
RB-980N 1320 net
CR-980T 1305 25.7 - 44.1
{35 - 60}
twine Theoretical cutting length of 9cm
CR-980N 1332 net

* Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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