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Variable Diameter Round Baler

For baling grass and rice straw
Variable diameter belt type round baler

Variable Diameter Round Baler



  • Variable diameter belt system
    A ccording to the number of cows and crops,bale operation is realizing under best conditions.
  • V-Hitch for small turning
    With a wide pickup of 180cm working width and V hitch,work can be done smoothly in narrow field and corner work.
  • Gullwing cover
    The cover opens up and down,maintenance is also easy.
  • High density baling with cutting function
    Cutting mechanism ia a down-cut method with 11 knives arranged.Cutting grass with a theoretical cutting length of 9 cm,silage quality is stable with high density baling formihg.
  • Drop floor system that can easily eliminate grass clogging
    It is easy to eliminate grass clogs that are working on the drop floor system by operating the hydraulic lever.


Models Dimensions (mm) Weight
Bale size
(Dia x W)
Work width
Suitable tractors
(kW {PS})
Overall length Overall width Overall height
VC1300N 3710 2380 2360 2490 φ80 - 130
180 Net 44.2 - 73.5
{60 - 100}

* Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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