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Automatic Bale Wrapper

Bale Wrapper (Medium Size/Large Size)
Making a highly efficient and quality silage.

Automatic Bale Wrapper




  • Highly efficient wrapping is possible by a double stretch mechanism.(WM1071sr・WM1271sr)
  • Oil pressure extraction from a tractor is unnecessary because of hydraulic pump loading.
  • By linkage traction system adoption, matching with a tractor is easy.
  • Since it can wrap moving, operation efficiency is a steep rise.


Models WM1061(A) WM1071(A) WM1261(A) WM1271(A)
Suitable bale size (Dia x W cm) φ90.0 - 100.0 x 85.0 - 100.0 φ90.0 - 120.0 x 85.0 - 120.0
Suitable tractors (kW {PS}) 14.7 - 33.1 {20 - 45} 18.4 - 51.5 {25 - 70}
Dimensions (mm) Overall length 2900(A:2600) 3450(A:3150)
Overall width During transport 1600 1800
During operation 2300 2700
Overall height 1800 2270
Weight (kg) 650(A:640) 690(A:680) 910(A:900) 950(A:940)
Suitable bale weight (kg)
Max 350 Max 700
Tractor mounting method 2 point linkage (category 1)

* (A) shows an autotype.
* WM1071sr and WM1271sr are double stretch specifications.
* Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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