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Snow Blower

Clean snow removal to the wall !!

Snow Blower

Center drive


  • Cutting edge adoption replaceable .
    Consumable,also easily exchange in corruption as can be,we have the cutting edge in the exchange specification.
  • Auger cover thinned.
    The auger cover of both sides were thin.
    Therefore,we will be able to clean snow removal to the wall,such as vinyl greenhouse.
  • Adoption of the movable sled.
    Sled for moving back and forth,and then follow the unevenness of the ground.
  • Auger center mission integrated with the sharp snow cut.
    This shape resistance is small,and you can reasonably snow removal is.
  • Wide auger and the case width.
    Case width the same,and the auger width was widely 80mm(conventional ratio).
    By that,we lower the snow of resistance.


* Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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