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Manure Spreader (Low-floor)

Manure spreading for rich soil
Gate and remote control standard equipment at a low price!

Manure Spreader



  • Divergent packing box shape
    Because from the front of the divergent packing box shape,the feed resistance of compost is small,the load on the fioor conveyor chain is reduced.In addition,traveling comfortably in the smart bady.(Overall width 2.3m)

    Conventional   DL7000G
  • Remote control standard equipment
    ●Feed rate,can be switched of 10 stage.
    ●Convenient fast-forward function,and eliminate the frustration of the end of winding and winding start of compost.
    ● The feed rate of 2 ways it can be stored.
  • Durability and corrosion resistance body
    ● In beater side plate-floor bar also zinc plating,it is further improved corrosion resistance.
    ●Floorboards,polyethylene eco board.
  • Wear reduction of the conveyor chain
    By driving sprocket number of teeth of the floor conveyor chain has increased to eight from six,wear of chain reduction.(To reduce the bending angle of chain in the large sprocket.)

    Conventional        DL7000G
  • Power gate standard equipment


Models Dimensions (mm) Weight
Maximum load
Maximum load
Suitable tractors
(kW {PS})
Spreading width
Overall length Overall width Overall height
DL7000G 5930 2300 2250 1860 7.0 5600 36.8 - 73.6
{50 - 100}
3.0 ※1

※1 Scatter width depending on the type of fertilizer will differ.
※ Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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